Patent and Utility Model

Patent Registration applications are the protection documents given to the technical solution of technical problems, which are new, applicable to industry, including inventive step. The Patent Registration provides the applicant the right not to produce or sell the subject protected technical solution without permission within the borders of the country where the application is made.

With Utility Model applications, it is ensured that small inventions are protected and financial gains are made from it and the right holders who make the invention are rewarded. The Utility Model application abroad is valid, and within the priority period of 12 months from the date of application, an application can be made abroad as a utility model or patent application.

After the patent and utility model applications, the document fee and annual fees must be paid every year. If the fees are not paid on time, their rights become publicly canceled.

Application Process Steps

The application is in the form of formal examination, research, examination, document and it takes an average of 3-4 years. Your rights start from the date of application, in case of receipt of a certificate, a protection valid from the date of application is given.

Since the document will be given according to the information in the description set, it is important to prepare it well.

Document Types and Protection Periods

In patent applications, patent with examination and patent without examination can be obtained according to the selection during the process stages.

Examined patent document protection process 20 years

Patent certificate protection process without examination 7 years

Utility Model certificate protection period is 10 years