Design Registration

A design registration application is made in order to protect the visual features of the products that distinguish them from new and similar products.

The visual properties of the product are protected regardless of material, size and color. Products similar enough to be confused with the product subject to design registration are subject to violation.

Design Registration Application

Applications can be made online using e-signature, mobile signature or e-government password, as well as through the reservation system.
For the reservation system, it is required to log in at Documents (application form, description, visual explanations) prepared through the Online Document System (ÇES), mail, cargo, etc. of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
Hipodrom Caddesi No: 115 06330 Yenimahalle-ANKARA.
If you want to submit your application by hand, you can submit the document to the Incoming Documents Department.
The application date is not the date on which the form is created, but the date on which the relevant documents are submitted to the Institute within 30 days. The application form must be submitted to the Institute together with other documents that must be attached depending on the application conditions.

Design Registration Criteria

Application criteria are innovation and distinction. The novelty is that the same visuality was not used in the world before the application date. The distinguishing feature is that it has a different visual feature than similar products.

Design Registration Process Stages

The Design Registration application is in the form of formal examination, announcement, document and has an average transaction period of 1 year. If there is no objection during the announcement process, it is bound to the document.

Design Registration Protection Period

A document is issued for 5-year protection from the date of application and provides protection for up to 25 years, provided that it is renewed every 5 years.

Points to Consider in Application

Paying attention to the application with a clear picture of the visual innovation part of the products,
Applying with clear views for new parts of the product that are not visible,
It is recommended to consult our experts on how the changes on the product should be.